My Favorite Canes Canvas Cards

Upper Deck 2018-2019 has hit the market and while the hunt for the Elias Pettersson Young Guns is at full throttle The flagship release of Upper Deck Hockey ( by Flagship I mean cheapest set married men on a budget can afford) is in stores nationwide One of the unique cards or "hits" (if we are talking hobby language) are the Upper Deck Canvas variants of regular players, Young Guns (rookies) and legends.With an entire subset of Canvas within the set My Carolina Hurricanes have no shortage of players to grace the Canvas. The Following are some of my favorites

1. Eric Staal the Last Canvas of the Last True Center
There is no doubts or Secret in Raleigh that for the past 3 seasons the Canes have struggled desperately up the middle of the ice. Until a Sunday in February 2016 that was not the case. On that day the Canes traded their Captain and number one center Eric Staal to the Rangers and have yet replaced him up the middle of the ice. This Canvas card was from the 2015-2…

My Five Favorite Justin Faulk Cards I Own

Before last nights debacle in Long Island I was planning on simply listing my ten favorite Justin Faulk Cards I own and calling it a day. However, after seeing some of the vile and reprehensible social media posts directed at the team and mainly Scott Darling I feel compelled to remind everyone that it is just a game and supposed to be fun for us. Our livelihood and well being is not affected by how the team plays so don't take it personally. You can root cheer and be frustrated by the team, but leave the personal attacks out of it!

     Now without further ado lets get down to business. I am a Justin Faulk Guy! I have made no secrets about that. The current whipping boy of the fan-base has always  been my favorite. I am also a big time Carolina Hurricanes Card Collector and bordering on Justin Faulk Super-Collector. I own close to 150 different Justin Faulk Cards including Several One of One's so I have chosen to share my 5 Favorite Faulk Cards  with you.

1. A year long c…

Forgotten Canes: Frantisek Kaberle and the Real Cup Clincher

Who really scored the game winning and cup clinching goal in game 7 of the 2006 Stanley Cup Final? Canes folklore will tell you it was current captain Justin Williams ( we have all seen the clip of him putting it into the empty net). However, the actual cup-clinching goal was scored Defenseman Frantisek Kaberle ! In the second period Kaberle put the puck past Jussi Markkanen to take the 2-0 lead that was never relinquished. That goal makes Kaberle the official cup clinching goal scorer.

Kaberle joined the NHL later than most rookies at the age of 25 when he was drafted by the Los Angeles Kings in the 1999 NHL draft 76th overall. Traded to the now defunct Atlanta Thrashers during the 1999-2000 Kaberle coincidentally enough scored his first NHL goal against the Carolina Hurricanes beating Arturs Irbe. Kaberle would remain with the Thrashers until after the season canceling lockout of 2004-2005. Prior to the 2006 NHL Season Kaberle brought his game to blue-line in Raleigh.

Kaberle dove …

Forgotten Canes: Trevor Kidd

Since 2006 up until 2018 the crease in Raleigh has been manned predominantly by Cam Ward. However, before Wardo took possession of the net a plethora of Canes Net Minders took their turn Manning the crease. One of the first to play goal upon the teams move to Raleigh was Trevor Kidd. He was also one of the few Carolina Hurricanes to be immortalized by 80's and 90's collectors staple Starting Lineup.

Starting Lineup was a staple of the 1980’s collectors Line-up, but by the time 1997 came around is was slowly becoming a thing of the past and When Todd McFarlane got the contract at the turn of the century it went the way of the Dinosaur. One of the few Canes to find themselves immortalized by Starting Lineup was Goalie Trevor Kidd. 
As For Kidd's Canes Career it was minimal to say the least. Playing 2 seasons (97-99) in Greensboro he appeared in 72 games posting a 28-31-9 record with a .914 save percentage and a 2.43 goals a game average. Having been brought in before the 19…

Mr. Hurricane: Presenting the Case for Chad Larose

Over the course of hockey history many writers have debated who would be the historical face of each NHL Franchise. While the true topic of Mr. Hurricane would be hotly debated between Rod Brindamour, and Ron Francis with this writer giving the edge to the current Canes Bench Boss Rod Brindamour. I would like to propose a dark-horse candidate for Mr. Hurricane into the debate, that candidate is one Chad Larose.

     Now before the critics of the internet crucify me for sharing my opinion on my personal blog.( I mean how dare me right?) I would like to say that this assertion HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH INDIVIDUAL CAREER STATISTICS. Chad Larose has the unique distinction of playing for every team in former Carolina Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos Compuware Hockey Organization.

     After a sturdy USHL career with the Plymouth Whalers where he set a USHL single season goal record with 61. Larose went undrafted in the 2003 NHL Draft, and signed a free agent contract with the Hurricanes…

Don't Be A Complaniac: A Guide to the 2018-2019 Season


Forgotten Canes: Niclas "The Secret Weapon" Wallin

Hello Caniacs! First of all allow me to apologize for the time between blogs Hurricane Florence paid my part of the state a visit and stayed like an unwelcomed guest. We are still rebuilding and getting back to the new normal. However, I would like to thank the Carolina Hurricanes for doing all they could to raise awareness and money for the plight of Eastern North Carolina. Going as far as to give free tickets in exchange for canned goods, offer lower lever seats at a fraction of the price and welcoming and honoring 1000 first responders at the Home Opener against the Islanders.

While school is still out where I am out the County is raising money to help replace the school supplies of displaced children. Please consider donating by clicking here.

Now without further ado lets look at a forgotten Cane from times past!
Niclas Wallin was drafted by the Hurricanes out of the Swedish Professional leagues in the year 2000. At 25 years old Wallin was significantly older than your average NHL…