I AM A CHEATING PIG!!!!! Now the curious case of Erik Cole

Hello Caniacs I am back after a long hiatus and I come bearing a confession. I The Caniac Collector am a dirty rotten cheater! I have sinned against my beloved blog with another! I prostrate myself before you and beg for you forgiveness. I was briefly involved with another blog yet I swear it meant nothing. After I realized it would not work out due to differing views. I realized I missed my first love I have came crawling back on bended knee to my over 1000 faithful Caniac Readers!

Now that you have all forgiven me I would like to talk about a former Cane who also recently drew the ire of parts of the Redvolution with his comments about the recently departed Jeff Skinner (He was right)! So allow me to present to you the curious case of Erik Cole!
Drafted 71st overall in 1998 by the Carolina Hurricanes, Cole broke during the Stanley Cup Run season of 2001-2002. Logging action in 81 games and being the "C" on the famed BBC line, Cole logged 40 points(16 goals and 24 assists) …

Forgotten Canes: Kevyn Adams is The Third Man

Quick! Can you name the three Captains of the 2006 Stanley Cup Winning Carolina Hurricanes?  Well lets see there was that years Selke Winner Rod Brind'amour wearing the "C". Blue Line Leader and Defensive Stalwart Glen Wesley wearing one of the Alternates, now who was that third man? Was it the only Hall-of-Famer on the team Mark "Wrecking Ball" Recchi? No he was a mid-season acquisition. Ok then it must have been up and coming future captain and the teams leading scorer Eric Staal right? Wrong again! The answer you are looking for is Kevyn (not a typo) Adams.

Drafted by the Boston Bruins 25th overall in 1993, Kevyn Adams came to Carolina in a trade midway through the 2001-2002 NHL Season. Traded from the Florida Panthers along with Bret Hedican and Tomas Malec for Sandis Ozolinsh and Byron Ritchie, Adams became a fixture on a veteran laden team that would soon make a surprising Stanley Cup Final Run. Never a "star" in the NHL. Adams did the dirty wo…

Skinner is Gone!: A Look at My Favorite Jeff Skinner Cards Of All Time!

Up until Thursday Afternoon at about 6pm Eastern Time I was preparing to add to my blog-series of my favorite all time cards of Canes Wingers. That is until my phone was set abuzz with the news that the king of one way hockey in Raleigh Mr. Jeff Skinner had been traded to the Buffalo Sabres for prospect Cliff Pu (ha ha I said Pu) and a myriad of draft picks. While I have been more than vocal on my opinion of the trade ( It was a good move one that needed to be made for a myriad( love that word) of reasons). However, that discussion is not the intent of this post. This post is to highlight my favorite Jeff Skinner cards of all time.

1. Young Guns a Blazing
To Hockey Collectors all around the hobby there are few more exciting cards to obtain than a young gun of a player from your favorite team seen as the "Official" Rookie Card of the Upper Deck Young Guns are seen as an official introduction to Hockey Card world.. In 2010-2011 Upper Deck released Jeff Skinner's Young Guns …

They've All Said No! My Favorite Carolina Hurricanes Goalie Cards not of Cam Ward

Despite the fact I often blog about the current state of the team the point of this blog is to highlight certain Carolina Hurricanes Cards and collectibles I come across in my never-ending quest to collect every Carolina Hurricanes base card. Without a doubt goalie cards are often the best and most unique cards around. So I have decided to highlight some of my favorite Carolina Hurricanes Goalie Cards of Goalies not named Cam Ward.

1. Got to love Goalie mask artwork!
I have always been a fan of goalie mask artwork! This card from the 2006-2007 Fleer Net minders set perfectly encapsulates the detail on Martin Gerber's mask. I am aware this card was made after he left for the Ottawa Senatsors however, the detail of this card was to nice to overlook.

2. Kevin Weekes two tone beauty 

Today Kevin Weeks is known as an analyst on NHL Network. However, at one point he was the backup net-minder in Raleigh This card from the 2002-2003 In The Game series is a beauty the Head on shot of Weekes …

Forgotten Canes: Josef Vasicek

In February of 2016 The Carolina Hurricanes honored their 2006 Stanley Cup Winning Team at the PNC Arena, and one player was conspicuous in his absence, and that was the late Josef Vasicek. Vasicek, along with the entire Lokomotiv team was killed in a September 2011 plane crash outside Yaroslavl Russia.
4 If one were to look at the career of Josef Vasicek as a whole he would seem to be a bit of a hockey nomad. Drafted 91st overall in the 1998 draft by the Carolina Hurricanes. After another year in juniors with the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, Vasicek made the 2000 Hurricanes roster out of training camp and stuck with the team throughout the entire seasons netting 8 goals and helping on 13 others for 21 points in 76 games. Later that season Vasicek got his first taste of playoff hockey, beating Martin Brodeur for his first goal in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. In 2001- 2002 Vasicek was responsible for 31 regular season points (14 goals and 17 assists) in the regular season, adding 5 more po…

Forgotten Canes: "The Wrath of Kron" How A Former Cane is helping Forge the Future

When the name Robert Kron is mentioned memories of the first team that came from Hartford with Kevin Dineen who is mentioned in another Blogpost( Click Here for more on Kevin Dineen), Trevor Kidd, who I have also covered (A Forgotten Canes Netminder) , and Glenn Wesley. Now while each of the aforementioned Canes players have left an indelible mark in Carolina Hurricanes History. I'm willing to bet Robert Kron's mark will be the one rooted deepest when its all said an done. However, in order to see the future we must remember the past.

Robert Kron was drafted by  the Vancouver Canucks in the 5th round of the 1985 Entry Draft. The Czech Native spent parts of 3 seasons with the Canucks (1990-1993) with the team before being traded to the Hartford Whalers midway through the 1992-1993 season. Kron would remain with the Whalers through the remainder of the teams tenure in Hartford and make the move to Carolina with the team in 1997.

In 3 seasons in Carolina, Kron appeared in 237 ga…

Don't be a Complaniac: Thoughts from Summerfest and Free Agency

Remember that Nazareth son from the 1970's titled "Love Hurts". It can easily be used to sum up the life of a fan of ANY pro sports team, and just like any love story emotional attachments are formed between fans and a player. However like many love stories throughout history bonds are broken for the betterment of all parties involved. When that happens there are two ways to recover. The first way is to complain using revisionist history about how good things were and never let it go sullying any chance of a healthy bond forming with anyone new. The second way is to learn to accept the change and hope for the betterment. I find it disheartening to see nothing but criticism and complaining from fans who either choose to refuse to accept change, let go of 2006( it was a great year but in the distant past), or complain about the state of the team then complain when changes are made involving their favorite players. All I am saying is order to improve the future sometimes we…