I'm a Caniac Who Doesn't Like the Surge and That's Perfectly Fine

The Surge has been the topic of Hockey Analysts, Pundits, Talking heads and Bloggers for about a week now. With the Legendary Don Cherry most recently sounding off on it, on a session of Coaches Corner during last Saturday's Hockey Night in Canada. Dubbing the team a "Bunch of Jerks" setting off a social media firestorm which the Canes public relations and Marketing teams quickly jumped on and have marketed brilliantly couple that with the term "Bunch of Jerks" being ran into the absolute ground on social media forums. I want to go on record and say it is perfectly acceptable to be a Canes Fan and not like the surge! I am one of those fans

However, there is a misconception amongst Canes Fans that if you don't like the Surge you clearly not a "real fan" ( what does that even mean? I mean is there a criteria that must be met for fandom?) I will be the first to say that the only thing I like about the surge is it means the team has just won and inch…

Don't Be A Complainiac: Sports are supposed to be fun. "What Does A N****r Know About Hockey Anyways?"

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog post titled Don't Be A Complainiac: Fixing the Carolina Hurricanes Is Not as Easy As You Think. Like always I received alot of positive feedback as discussion about it via Twitter.

However, I got a rather insidious and hateful message in my DM's that told me I should "stick to watching basketball" and asked me "What does a N****r know about hockey anyways?" Now I won't share this persons' Twitter handle because I refuse to give ignorance a spotlight however, I will say that this person has seen me in person many times at the PNC Arena and never once approached me face to face to discuss his disagreements with my writing.

This leads me to remind everyone that sports are supposed to be fun ,and it seems to me alot of the Hurricanes fans I come across have forgotten that! Yes I know the team is wildly inconsistent! I know the team is in the midst of an embarrassing playoff drought. Yet at day's end sports are something …

In Order to Build A Contender Michael Ferland May Be a Luxury the Carolina Hurricanes Can't Afford.

Let me start off first by saying I love Michael Ferland the player. I love his tenacity and he brings the net front presence this team has been sorely lacking.

Now as we all know Michael Ferland and the Carolina Hurricanes have been in negotiations for a contract, with reports coming out that Michael Ferland is asking for "Tom Wilson money", which is a 5 million dollar a year deal for 6 years. If the Carolina Hurricanes kowtow to these demands, it would be the equivalency of buying a Lamborghini while you still live in a trailer. The Washington Capitals we're able to sign Tom Wilson to that contract based on the fact that they already possesses established players such as Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Nicklas Backstrom, John Carlson and Braden Holtby in the crease. Meaning they already had established players at key positions prior to signing Tom Wilson. A team such as Carolina who is not fortunate to have such talent on the ice yet can simply not afford to over…

Don't be a Complaniac: Fixing The Carolina Hurricanes is Not as Easy as You Think!

Do you remember the scene in Batman 89, when the Joker played by Jack Nicholson proclaims “This town needs an enema!” Well as a Carolina Hurricanes fan its safe to say this team needs a thorough cleaning out as well
The 2018-2019 is halfway to its completion , and having endured a brutal December the Canes find themselves towards the cellar of the Eastern Conference, with their hot start in the rear view mirror the actual team has shown its sometimes ugly face, as fans in Raleigh witness for the first time what a TRUE rebuild looks like. However, this is the internet and there is no shortage of misinformed opinions on how to turn this around. So, lets address these ridiculous opinions head on and explain just why they will not work in the National Hockey League.

Fire Rod Brindamour and hire Joel Quennville

Joel Quennville is undeniably a Hall of Fame Coach! The three-time Stanley Cup Winner came available after being unceremoniously dumped by the Chicago Blackhawks. So naturally the Comp…

Forgotten Canes: The Miseducation of Sean Hill

It is public knowledge that the NHL has evolved significantly. Enforcers are a dying breed and fines and suspensions are common on hits that in days past would not of even garnered a raise of the arm from an official. Purists of the game will tell you that the elimination of enforcers has caused a rise in injuries due to players taking liberties with a team's star players. It was an NHL where a player like Defenseman Sean Hill was a necessity on any NHL roster.      However, to label a player of Sean Hill's caliber an enforcer serves as an injustice to his career and body of work on the ice. When Sean Hill arrived in Greensboro/Raleigh in the middle of the 1997 season in a trade from Ottawa, he had already etched his name on the Stanley Cup with the 1993 Montreal Canadiens. A hard nose defender with the ability to agitate an opposing team's top scorer while contributing from the blue-line. Playing in just 42 games that season he contributed ten points (5g 5a) while l…

In Order to move Forward We Have to Let Go of The Past

The year 2006 was a great year for me. I became a father for the first time, I had a great job, and my beloved Carolina Hurricanes hoisted the Stanley Cup. Since the year 2006 many things in my life have changed. I no longer have that great job, and my son lives with his mother in Florida and I get him during the summer. The only thing that remains constant from the 2006 is the fact that the Carolina Hurricanes seem stuck in that year.
Hardly a game goes by where the 2006 cup run is not mentioned, and team personnel decisions seem to be motivated by  2006 too, as unprepared members of the 2006 Cup team are given positions within the organization. ( See Coach Brindamour). This cold hard truth can be further proven by the fact the last original member of the 2006 Stanley Cup Team just departed the team in July of this year a mere 12 years after the cup run. This departure was not before current team captain and 2006 cup team member Justin Williams returned to the fold in 2017. Meaning f…

About Last Night....( I'm as mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore)

One of my favorite movies of all time is the movie Network and there is a pivotal scene in the movie when lead character Howard Beale played by Peter Finch loses his composure on the air and encourages everyone to go to their windows and proclaim "Im as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. Last night's meltdown loss to the Washington Capitals brings me to say very loudly. THE ONLY THING IN THE NHL MORAL VICTORIES GET YOU IS SENT HOME IN APRIL.  CELEBRATING GETTING ONE POINT IN THE STANDINGS WHEN YOU SHOULD OF GOTTEN TWO IS WHAT LOSERS DO! THAT IS THE CULTURE THAT PERMEATES THE CAROLINA HURRICANES ORGANIZATION.

In April after the hiring of Rod Brindamour as the new Carolina Hurricanes Head Coach I posted a blog title Rod Brindamour of the Same and my email was filled with some rather rude, insidious and hateful comments. Now I am not here to say I'm right but after last night's game and piss poor shootout selections followed by the asinine explanation …