Forgotten Canes: Marek Malik

A quick Google search of the name Marek Malik will likely bring up his famous 2005 15th round shootout goal from his time with the New York Rangers. A goal that remains to this day arguably the best shootout goal in NHL History.
However long before Malik surprised the hockey world with his silky mitts beating Olaf Kolzig with that between the legs dandy, Malik patrolled the Carolina Hurricanes Blue-line.      Drafted by the Hartford Whalers in the third round (72nd Overall) of the 1993 draft, the 6'6" Czech Native spent three seasons with the American Hockey Leagues Springfield Falcons. Prior to breaking in with the Whalers for 47 games during the 1996-1997 NHL Season. The following season the Hartford Whalers Owner Peter Karmanos relocated the team to Raleigh, North Carolina, and Malik chose to take his talents to the Swedish Elite League for the Malmo Redhawks. After a year in Sweden, Malik returned to Raleigh where he registered 11 points (2g, 9a) in 52 games within…

Card Of The Week: Elias Lindholm "Makes It Clap"

"It's not sho friends, it's show business"                                                               -Bob Sugar-
                                                             "Jerry" Maguire

      It was exactly one year to the day that the new regime of the Carolina Hurricanes led by new General Manager Don Waddell shocked the Draft floor in Dallas Texas. By sending 3rd year defenseman Noah Hanifin, and under-performing forward Elias Lindholm to the Calgary Flames in exchange for Michael Ferland, Dougie Hamilton and the rights to unsigned draft pick Adam Fox. It was that trade that shook up a rather quiet draft weekend, and also reunited Lindholm and Hanifin with their former coach Bill Peters. The trade also enraged legions of fans who were wanting to see what Elias Lindholm could do with the maturing Sebastian Aho, and draft pick Andrei Svechnikov.

  Ignoring the fact that Lindholm went 28 games between goals before scoring the game win…

It's Cardboard Therapy!

Dont thank me for my service! I did not join for gratitude! I was a 23 year old single dad who had ran out of options to support his son. I needed an escape from a bad situation and the United States Navy provided it for me. Now 12 years later I along with many other veterans battle the long term effects of what at time can be crippling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).In my daily profession it was implied that I should not write about or discuss my PTSD because it could make people uneasy and uncomfortable around me! While my internal response  was "You think it's uncomfortable hearing about it?" "Well try fucking living with it every day!" Nevertheless I heeded the warning and stop sharing my experiences via social media. However, this is my blog and my rules!
 I will be the first to admit I never saw combat, yet a three year period of living in constant vigilance broke my psyche beyond repair.Being seperated from my family for 503 out of a possibl…

Card Of The Week: Brock McGinn Reminds Me of My Dad.

Fathers Day just passed and as always it is a difficult day for me! My Father passed away when I was 15 years old, so I always spend a portion of Fathers Day reflecting on lessons I learned in the short time I had with him on Earth! It was my dad who bought me my first pack of 1987 Topps Baseball as motivation to help me with my reading, and to this day you could probably get a laugh from my mom if you asked her how I first pronounced "Jose Canseco" (Joes Can-C-co) if you are curious. To this day 32 years later I attest that is where I developed a passion for collecting the cardboard that consumes my free time to this very day! My dad had major issues with mobility so much in fact that he could not get out and play catch like most dads, and towards the end of his life he was relegated to using a motorized scooter to get around. So many of my life lessons were taught by him while we watched sports on television. My dad was not a hockey fan! As a matter of fact he knew j…

Card of the Week Jeff Skinner "Intimidation Nation?"

Hockey Insert Cards have been known to make me laugh! Of course hobby stalwarts such as Young Guns, and Future Watch continue to thrive in the hobby. While I have previously lampooned the 2006-2007 Be A Player Up Close Insert at least they opted to do a focus on the player as opposed slapping a face on a subset and giving no consideration to the implications of how ridiculous it looks to the common fan. A most recent example of this could be the fact that then Carolina Hurricanes Goalie Scott Darling was featured in the 2018-2019 "Stonewalled Series"
     Unless we are referring to the proverbial "stonewall" Scott Darling's professional career hit upon arriving in Raleigh then this card too also leaves me with questions.
     However, this is not the card I want to highlight this week! The Card of the week comes from the Fleer Ultra 2012-2013 Intimidation Nation subset, and highlights Jeff Skinner. Jeff Skinner? Jeff Skinner Intimidation Nation? Intimidat…

Card of The Week: Cam Ward Young Guns! A Great Looking Card of an Average Goalie

No matter how you look at it when his career is over Cam Ward will be seen as an average goalie by National Hockey League Standards. Yes I know about 2006, yes I know about 300+ plus wins, but that does not change how he will be viewed by NHL Standards! However, by Carolina Hurricanes fans standards Cam Ward is a legend! While his team legend status is debatable in many Caniac's eyes (mine included) the 2006 Stanley Cup has his finger prints all over it! Sure he played behind a great team that featured a Selke Winner in Rod Brindamour and a 100 point scorer in Eric Staal. You could also argue that Eric Staal and his 28 points (9g, 19a) in 25 games deserved the Conn Smythe Trophy. Yet however, you look at it Ward's number 30 Jersey will one day likely have a place in the PNC Arena Rafters whenever he chooses to call it a career.

     In the world of Hockey Card Collecting it seems as if the Young Guns card is a staple for many collectors. In many ways it signals the arriv…

Don't Be A Complainiac: You Can't Blame Officiating

At the time of this writing The Carolina Hurricanes are staring down the barrel of 0-3 deficit to the powerhouse Boston Bruins ( I say powerhouse because if it wasn't for the Tampa Bay Lightning's regular season dominance this team would of won the Presidents Trophy).
While I am over the moon with the Canes playoff run I hear Complainiacs around me blaming the officiating for the teams current state, and I am here to tell you that is NOT the case.

The teams current state of affairs lies within two simple words that have plagued them the entire season. Those words are the Power Play! Throughout the first 3 games of the Series both the Hurricanes and Bruins have been on the Power Play 12 times. The difference is the Bruins have found the back of the net 5 times (41%), while the Hurricanes have found it once (8%). There in lies your problem. Its a simple fact if a team can't convert on the power play they can't win in May and June!

Now let's address Brad Marchand ! B…