Forgotten Canes: "The Wrath of Kron" How A Former Cane is helping Forge the Future

When the name Robert Kron is mentioned memories of the first team that came from Hartford with Kevin Dineen who is mentioned in another Blogpost( Click Here for more on Kevin Dineen), Trevor Kidd, who I have also covered (A Forgotten Canes Netminder) , and Glenn Wesley. Now while each of the aforementioned Canes players have left an indelible mark in Carolina Hurricanes History. I'm willing to bet Robert Kron's mark will be the one rooted deepest when its all said an done. However, in order to see the future we must remember the past.

Robert Kron was drafted by  the Vancouver Canucks in the 5th round of the 1985 Entry Draft. The Czech Native spent parts of 3 seasons with the Canucks (1990-1993) with the team before being traded to the Hartford Whalers midway through the 1992-1993 season. Kron would remain with the Whalers through the remainder of the teams tenure in Hartford and make the move to Carolina with the team in 1997.

In 3 seasons in Carolina, Kron appeared in 237 ga…

Don't be a Complaniac: Thoughts from Summerfest and Free Agency

Remember that Nazareth son from the 1970's titled "Love Hurts". It can easily be used to sum up the life of a fan of ANY pro sports team, and just like any love story emotional attachments are formed between fans and a player. However like many love stories throughout history bonds are broken for the betterment of all parties involved. When that happens there are two ways to recover. The first way is to complain using revisionist history about how good things were and never let it go sullying any chance of a healthy bond forming with anyone new. The second way is to learn to accept the change and hope for the betterment. I find it disheartening to see nothing but criticism and complaining from fans who either choose to refuse to accept change, let go of 2006( it was a great year but in the distant past), or complain about the state of the team then complain when changes are made involving their favorite players. All I am saying is order to improve the future sometimes we…

Making an Omelette and Other Crazy Analogies to Describe The Recent Trade

It has been said in order to make an omelette you have to break a few eggs, and that is exactly what the Carolina Hurricanes did this Saturday with a Blockbuster trade during the NHL Draft. The Canes shocked the draft floor by sending Defenseman Noah Hanifin and Forward Elias Lindholm to the Calgary Flames for Defenseman Dougie Hamilton, Forward Michael Ferland, and Defensive  Prospect Adam Fox. Almost Immediately Caniac Nation was on fire with a barrage of opinions from totally positive, to fans threatening to cancel their season tickets. So I have taken it upon myself to point out the pros and cons of the trade.
Pros: Dougie Hamilton's Career Numbers are significantly better than what Noah Hanifin's are. It is often said that stats don't lie and since 2015( Hanifin's rookie season) to 2018  Hamilton has scored 137 points(42 goals,95 assists) compared to Hanifin's 83 points( 18 goals, 65 assists) Now while supporters of Hanifin may fairly argue those numbers were du…

The Caniac Collectors Cards for Little Caniacs Initiative

Throughout this blog I have made it no secret that my end goal is to completely catalogue the entire Carolina Hurricanes History on cardboard. Through this little endeavor I have accumulated a surplus of cards. Well besides the Canes I have a passion for youth, so much in fact I am actively pursuing an Elementary Education Degree in my post military retirement phase of life. With that being said I am launching an initiative to give away a few cards to any Little Caniac who wants 1 or 2 of their favorite player. Fans local to the team are fortunate to have relatively easy access to their favorite Canes players for autographs, so these would be perfect for a young fan to get signed or put up in there room.
So starting tonight at the Canes Draft Party at the Raleigh Beer Garden I will be carrying this box with me with cards of the team to pass out. Simply follow me on Twitter or Instagram @FaulkemintheAho and I will meet with you and your child and will let the your kid pick 1 or 2 cards…

The Most Ridiculous Set of Hurricanes Trading Cards in History!

First thing first Congratulations to the Washington Capitals and their fans on finally winning the cup. I'm glad to see Alexander Ovechkin finally got what he earned, and even better I no longer have to hear the lame white Russian without a cup jokes.

On last weeks edition of the Caniac Collector I highlighted my ten favorite Carolina Hurricanes Cards of all time. So this week I have chosen to highlight the most ridiculous team set I have ever came across. Before I start ridiculing this set I will defend the idea behind it. Over the past few years the Carolina Hurricanes have not been known for their promotional prowess. Excluding the opening night Hat giveaway, Their promotions have been mainly geared towards the Homegrown Series these past two seasons. So I will give the team credit for trying however their BitMoji Team set of Cards released in December for a home game vs the Buffalo Sabres missed the mark in a hilarious way. So lets take a look at this ridiculous idea.

One of th…

The Awesome, Weird,and Ridiculous: My Favorite Carolina Hurricanes Cards

For as long as I can remember trading cards have been a part of my life. I have made it a personal obsession/mission/project to attempt to collect every Carolina Hurricanes Base Card ever printed in order to document the teams entire history in cardboard. For as long as I can remember I have also possessed a love for the awesome, weird, and ridiculous, and in the world of Trading cards their is no shortage of the awesome, weird and ridiculous. So here is my list of the most awesome, weird, and or ridiculous Carolina Hurricanes cards I have in my possession.

Note: I will not include the Justin Williams Glamour Shots esque photo, because it has been featured on my blog so many times before.

1. Ward Says No!
Very few calls are more distinct than the legendary TV voice of the Canes John Forslund proclaiming "Ward Says No!" After the long time Hurricanes net-minder makes an athletic or game changing save. This 2014 Upper Deck card perfectly encompasses the call on cardboard.

2. Aho …

The Carolina Hurricanes Next Coach is Rod Brindamour of the same?

For the Past Three Days I have stared blankly at the computer screen trying to formulate words into sentences to express my sentiments about The Carolina Hurricanes recent announcement that their new Head Coach would be long time Assistant Rod "The Bod" Brindamour.
When I started this blog I swore that it would only discuss my beloved Hurricanes in a positive fashion, and I intend to keep it that way, but this decision by the team makes it very difficult. I mean seriously didn't the powers that be read my post titled " Another Fork in the Road"?*cough shameless plug cough* ( I specifically recommended that they stayed away from Brindamour! However since the Canes tend to operate like the lovely ladies in my life, by never listening to my ideas and me not having the power or nerve to say " I told you so!" I must find the positives in spite of my unhappiness.

The Pro…